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Fortis screenshots
(C) 2009-2011 Encore Games
Fortis icon FORTIS

Fortis means in latin strong, courageous and heroic and that what takes to fight with the enemies and successfully accomplish the game! It is based on classical shooter scheme although presented in new 3D environment. The new arrangement, amazing graphics and effects will guarantee you great fun time!

  • 36 levels divided into 3 stages,
  • bonus level after each stage,
  • increasing difficulty through the game,
  • storing best results,
  • amazing sounds effects, 2 songs in the background, volume control,
  • interface in 3 languages: English, French and Polish,
  • 3 player profiles with independent save game for each,
  • 4 different 3D backgrounds,
  • 4 upgradeable weapons with limited ammunition,
  • snap to enemy option,
  • store with weapons and ammunitions,
  • shield,
  • 2 thumb-sticks,
  • diversity of the enemies,
  • impressive 3D menu,
  • diverse pick ups (energy, shield, bombs, ammunition, weapon, points, money, extra life),
  • great realtime visual effects such as explosions, smoke, shots and lava.

Fortis for iPhone/iPod Fortis for MorphOS
Road Chase title screen

Road Chase 176x208 slideshow Road Chase 128x128 slideshow

(C) 2006-2007 Encore Games

If driving through city traffic makes you happy, if you are able to compete against running time and if you don't mind long distance under different weather conditions, you should try the adventure we give you! Motorways all over the world are waiting for you!

It is a realistic simulator of car driving under difficult weather conditions. It's not a typical race track where the one thing to worry about is speed. In our game you have to face the proper inter-city traffic which goes both directions. You have to consider it before taking any maneuver.

  • highly realistic
  • high level of artificial intelligence
  • real rearview mirror
  • changeable weather
  • service stations
  • police chases
  • three different maps
  • changeable routes
  • saveable hi-scores

Older games will be added to the list later. Now we are busy because our new projects are very excited...
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